Friday, February 19, 2010

Dresden Plate Blocks

Let me just say that it has been a little while since I have posted on my blog. I had some knee surgery but I am doing good now and fixing to go back to work this Monday. I have been off for about seven weeks now.
While I was off I did try to get a little bit of sewing done. I have fallen in love with the Dresden Plate block. I have seen so many beautiful quilts with this block. I found this tool called The Easy Dresden. I love it.
I have only made one block but I want to do more and more. I am hoping to make a full size quilt.

I am not sure about one thing. I am not sure if after I applique the plate to the background fabric do I need the cut out the background fabric on the inside of the stitching to make it not so bulky?
I am kind of new to appliqueing. I haven’t really done a lot of it. I did this by machine with a blanket stitch. I wanted to do it in black thread to give it that older look.
To the ladies at Tomorrows Quilts shop in Waco Tx. I will be coming there this next month to stock up on some 1930’s fabric for my Dresden quilt.