Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

Hello Bloggers...its been a little while since I have had time to do any posting.I have been trying to get some new freestanding lace done on my embroidery machine for my Christmas tree. I love snowflakes so some of these make me think of snowflakes.

The Boston terrier ornament is for a good friend of mine. She has Boston terriers and they are her babies. I found these ornaments and couldn't resist making them for her. Gail I will get these to you soon.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. We did...I went to the town Boozar. All the stores were giving out candy to the kids. I think everyone in town was there. Kids had a good time.
Here is a picture of my Grandson....he went as Darth Vader from Star Wars

Well it is back to work on some more Christmas ornaments.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Local Quilt Shop Cupcake Birthday

This is my Cupcake square for the local quilt shop I go to frequently. They are celebrating their 5th birthday next month. I love this shop, the owner Linda and all the ladies that work there are very nice and will help with anything they can. They have asked their costumers to make a cupcake square and put our names on them. They will take all the squares and make a quilt to hang in the shop. I have seen some of the other cupcake squares and everyone did a great job. I will try to get a picture of the quilt when it is finished.

Oh and they also had a cute little cupcake potholder pattern I bought. I like to make different kinds of potholders. Can't wait to make this one.

Happy 5th Birthday Tomorrows Quilt
I hope you have many many more birthdays.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rag Quilting Question

I am off work today so I am trying to catch up on my blogging.

I have fallen in love with rag quilts. They are easy and when you are finished you are having to get anything machine quilted...great gifts to give.
I have only made one so far...but want to make many more. I got interested in them when my Aunt passed away and she had alot of bluejeans and blue jean dresses. I asked my uncle if I could have them so I could make a few blue jean quilts. I got looking around at different ideas for some quilt with bluejeans and came across the rag quilts. I am still trying to get all the jeans and dresses cut out into squares. I had bought some jean material from hobby lobby several years ago to make me a dress and never did. I picked up some pretty flower and pink material and made this rag quilt. I did put flannel in the middle for batting so it is a little heavy but mighty warm.

The next rag quilts I want to make are going to made out of all flannel. They look so pretty.
The local quilt shop Tomorrows Quilts I go to in Waco has some flannel rag quilts on display. Linda the owner just started selling the Accuquilt Go fabric cutter She used the accuquilt rag quilt dye to cut out those rag quilts. I have been looking into buying the accuquilt go. Does anyone have one and have you used the rag quilt dyes? How much do you like the Accuquilt? I would appreciate any feedback on it.
When I do a flannel rag quilt I will post some pics.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Changing to Fall

Fall is in the air. I have woke up several mornings (I get up at 3:15 am on work days) this past few weeks and I can just feel Fall coming. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors and the cool air...not to hot and not to cold.
I haven't been on my blog for a while. My husband had foot surgery and I have been busy with all kind of other things. I have been trying to get some sewing done. I will post some pics soon of what I have been working on.
Oh school started. This is my granddaughters last year in Jr high and my grandson is in kindergarten.
Here is a first day of school pic.

I hope everyone had a good Labor day.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quilt Magazines

My grandson took this picture of me while I was into reading my new quilting magazine. I didn't even know he was standing there taking the pic.

I think sometimes I have a addiction to quilting magazines. I like to read all about the new gadgets, fabric lines, and all the new and different quilt patterns. I subscribe to all of my favorites so I won't miss one. I have a question to everyone.....Do you keep any of the quilt magazines that you buy after you have read them? I can't seem to get rid of mine. I feel like I need to keep them so I can go back and look for patterns some other day. The magazines are going to take over my closet one day. The quilt shop I go to in Waco does take donated used quilt magazines and sells them for 25cents apiece. The money is then donated to the animal shelter. I have given a few of my magazines to them one time but it sure was hard to let go.

I remember the first quilt magazine I bought. I was in Beaumont Tx. with my mom when she had her cancer. I went to a fabric store there and at the check out there was a Quiltmaker mag. with the pattern on the cover called Friends. It caught my eye, I bought it, and read Quiltmaker ever since. I ended up making a quilt from that pattern on the cover for my new granddaughter.

Here are pics of three of the box's I have my mags in. I have two others that I didn't get into the picture.

There are even more magazines that are on my sewing table.

These are my favorite quilt magazines. I don't want to miss any of them.

Maybe one day I will be able to let go of some of these but for right now I will keep them to read over and over.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Items I finished on Days Off

Well I am on my last day off. I am glad I didn't set to many goals to get done. I was rather busy these three days off. I took my grandson to the pool. He had a lot of fun swimming and going down the water slide. Yesterday I got a surprise visit from three nieces that I haven't seen in a long time. We had a good visit.

I did get to work on the three goals that I set for myself on these three days off.

First I started working on my scrappy nine patch blocks. I got inspired from looking around at other blogs and the nine patch sew along that was going on. I think it was started by the blog Crazy Mom Quilts. Every time I have some scraps left over from other projects I cut out any 2.5 by 2.5 squares and charm size squares that I can. I want to try to make a scrappy Irish Chain quilt out of some of the squares. I do have a lot of my Christmas squares so I will make a nine patch out of that. Here are some I work on this weekend.

I also work a little bit more on my Sunbonnet Quilt. I didn't realize that I didn't have enough white muslin for all the blocks so I will have to go to the quilt shop this next week and buy some more so I can get this quilt finished.

And last on the list I cut out some more hexagons for my grandsons I Spy quilt. I love shopping for novelty prints...they are so much fun. I think I am going to buy just a few more prints from They have such a good selections of prints.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Goals for Days Off

I am off work for the next three days. My three days always seem to go by way to fast. These three days off I just don't want to go anywhere but from the kitchen to get a snack and then back to my sewing machine. I will have my grandson for some of that time so I don't know just how much of my day off sewing goals I will get done.
I will make my list short.

1. Work some more on my Sunbonnet Quilt.
2. Sew a few oh my scrappy nine patch blocks.
3. Cut out a few more novelty prints for grandsons I Spy Quilt.

OK..short list.

In the mean time let me post a few pics of some of my quilt tops that are waiting to be sent off for machine quilting.
When I look at everyones blogs I love looking at their pictures of the quilts they have done or are working on. I will try to put pics on each post I make.

This is the Christmas Quilt I did that I had left over fabric for my yo yos.

This is my bug jar quilt. I had fun incorporating machine embroidery into the quilt.

This is a pattern I found in a McCall's Quilting magazine. I used all different flower fabric.

Now it's time to start on my goals....everyone have a happy quilting day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still Working on Sunbonnet Quilt

I've been pretty busy the past few days with work and my dad turned 80. My brother ,step-sisters and I gave him a really nice birthday party. I think he had a really good time. By the end of the day everyone was very tired.

I've been trying to work on my sunbonnet quilt here and there. Here are some of the blocks on my sewing table. Its coming along.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been busy working this week. I got some more yo yos finished and getting closer to that tree garland. I decided I needed a new pincushion for my quilting needles. I had bought the Better Homes and Gardens magazine "Bags, Pillows and Pincushions last month. Linda's quilt shop in Waco had a couple of sample pincushions from the book made up. I have several 1930's print scraps so I used them for this pincushions

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunbonnet Quilt

This is a quilt I am working on for my oldest daughter. The pattern is from a McCalls quilting magazine from June 2006. They had embroidery flowers on it. I was going to do it that way but I decided that I would like the sunbonnets much better.

The Sunbonnets are doing sewing and working in the garden.

This is what two of the squares will look like next to each other. I can't wait to finish this one. I am making it a queen size quilt so I still have about 15 more sunbonnets to embroidery.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well I haven't posted since the 3rd so I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. My husband and I went to our neighbors house to watch the firework show on their deck. We had alot of fun.

I have just recently gotten hooked on making yo yos. I have been thinking about buying the Clover yo yo maker for a while now but just thought that I would like them. Well I finally bought the extra large round maker and now I am hooked. I even went back and bought the large and small round maker and the large heart maker. I have searched the web for ideas to use them with and have found a few. I made a Christmas quilt last year and have a few leftover scraps so I decided to make a yo yo garland to put on my Christmas tree this year.

Here are a few of my Christmas yo yo I have done already.

I also bought the book by Atkinson Design called Big Bags Little Bags and fell in love with the tote on the cover. I am going to use some of my yo yo to make this bag. I will post pics when finished.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I just want to say to everyone....Have a fun and safe Fourth of July.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well I don't have alot of time today to get any sewing on my quilts done so I thought I would post some pictures of some of the other things I like to sew.
I made a Charm tote bag and got hooked on bags. They are so much fun and make great gifts.
This tote bag is so easy and fun. It is made using a pack of charm squares.

I was needing a new purse and just couldn't find anything in the stores that I really liked so I made this bag and small bag to go with it. I love it and again it was also easy and fun to make.

I hope tomorrow to get some sewing done on my oldest daughters quilt. I will try to post some pics of my progress.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Grandsons I Spy Quilt

This is a picture of the I Spy quilt I am working on for my grandson. I have put several pictures of him and his mother though out the quilt. I have had alot of fun working on this quilt. I just want to get it finished and sent off to get quilted.

Brand new to Blogging

Ok so here it goes. I am going to try to post about some of the quilts and other things that I am doing or that I would like to do.