Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quilt Magazines

My grandson took this picture of me while I was into reading my new quilting magazine. I didn't even know he was standing there taking the pic.

I think sometimes I have a addiction to quilting magazines. I like to read all about the new gadgets, fabric lines, and all the new and different quilt patterns. I subscribe to all of my favorites so I won't miss one. I have a question to everyone.....Do you keep any of the quilt magazines that you buy after you have read them? I can't seem to get rid of mine. I feel like I need to keep them so I can go back and look for patterns some other day. The magazines are going to take over my closet one day. The quilt shop I go to in Waco does take donated used quilt magazines and sells them for 25cents apiece. The money is then donated to the animal shelter. I have given a few of my magazines to them one time but it sure was hard to let go.

I remember the first quilt magazine I bought. I was in Beaumont Tx. with my mom when she had her cancer. I went to a fabric store there and at the check out there was a Quiltmaker mag. with the pattern on the cover called Friends. It caught my eye, I bought it, and read Quiltmaker ever since. I ended up making a quilt from that pattern on the cover for my new granddaughter.

Here are pics of three of the box's I have my mags in. I have two others that I didn't get into the picture.

There are even more magazines that are on my sewing table.

These are my favorite quilt magazines. I don't want to miss any of them.

Maybe one day I will be able to let go of some of these but for right now I will keep them to read over and over.

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Fiesta said...

Lately I have been giving some away especially the recent ones that have nothing in them exciting to make except the issue this month of APQ. Now that one, I will keep.

Linda said...

Cindy, I keep alot of my magazines. Too many in fact but I'm like you, I enjoy reading them over and over. I get enjoyment out of looking at them almost as much as I do making anything....Now, I said almost! I try not to subscribe to too many because I have so much trouble getting rid of them!

You visited my blog and I tried to respond to you but you had your settings set to no reply. If you will change your settings, you will get responses when you comment on other's blogs. Please come back and see me soon. I'll check back on you too. Hugs, Linda